Early Retirement

When Can I Retire?

When Can I Retire? is a question many have asked. There’s no perfect answer, because everyone has a set of unique circumstances that makes the answer different for them. But We can give you a ballpark answer to the question: When can I retire?

When can I retire? See when you can retire & how much you'll need with our retirement calculator

Early Retirement Financial Independence

Your Break Even Point is the Best Day of the Month. Do You Know When it Is?

Your financial Break Even Point is the best day of the month, and you probably don’t even know when, or what, it is. That’s a huge mistake. Understanding your Break Even Point can help you reach financial independence sooner.

We believe in the number so much that we just developed a Break Even Point calculator so that you can quickly and easily figure out your number, and then get to work fixing it!  So read on, determine your financial break even point and tip the financial scales in your favor.


Do you know your financial break even point?

Financial Independence

This Time Currency Calculator Shows You the Cost of Items in Dollars and Time

One of my earliest money lessons came while I was sitting in a K-Mart cafeteria. I was 16 years old and was on a lunch break, eating something I’d just bought from the in-store restaurant. At the time I was making $4.25 per hour, which was minimum wage at that time.

Whatever I’d bought for lunch must have cost about $4.25 because I had thought ‘I just traded an hour of my life for this food.’  I wasn’t upset or bothered. It was just an interesting factoid. But the idea of looking at the cost of an item in terms of time has always stuck with me.

And now I’ve turned that idea into a time currency calculator.

Time Currency Calculator

Side Hustles & Earning More

No Nonsense Ways to Make More Money

Earning more money isn’t an overnight thing.  While it’s possible to get rich quick, you shouldn’t try it unless you’re willing to go broke or end up in jail.  What you should attempt is to improve your financial situation a little bit each day.  It takes time to diversify your income and to make more money, so get started today.

Here is a list of no nonsense ways to make more money.


ways to make more money

Financial Independence

How The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Financial Independence Turned My Life Around

It was during the darkest year of my life when I discovered the FIRE movement and learned about financial independence. I learned about it from a blog post titled The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement written by a guy that was calling himself Mr. Money Mustache.  That article resonated with me like few things ever have. Something inside of me clicked and it’s not an exaggeration to say that my life hasn’t been the same ever since.

I’d just found something that would help me go from broke and unemployed to financially independent in about 13 years. I’ll retire early when I’m 49 years old, all because I learned about one simple concept called Financial Independence.  And just like we tell our friends and family whenever we find a great new restaurant, or find a binge-worthy show on Netflix, I want EVERYONE to know about financial independence.

Shockingly Simple Math