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Your Full-Time Job Is Often the Best Side Hustle

Working two or more jobs is not unusual these days when most of us are over our heads in debt and trying to save for the future. Whether it’s for making our mortgage or car repayments or having some money on the side to treat ourselves every once in a while, a lot of people look for a side hustle to bring in some extra funds. These range from running errands for other people to working online as a blogger, web designer or virtual assistant.  But are side hustles worth it?

Sometimes we are not aware of how having several jobs can affect us and our full-time job. Often, there are more (and better) reasons to focus on our day job seeing as how it can provide us with some benefits that part-time ones are just not able to offer.

Read on to learn more about why you should concentrate on your primary source of income and some ways to improve and potentially get a promotion.

Are side hustles worth it? Your full time job is often the best side hustle.

Are Side Hustles Worth It?

Of course, not all jobs are equal. Some jobs simply do not offer the chance to be promoted and work your way up the career ladder. On the other hand, if your job is one of those that do, you should definitely make it your priority. Here’s some reasons why you should focus on your day job.

Getting promoted

If you work hard and your employers take notice, you might be considered for a promotion. Getting promoted at your current day job can make your life much easier. Firstly, you will not have to rush to your part-time job and will have more free time to rest and enjoy life. Secondly, you will probably be receiving a raise.

Earning more

Like we said, promotions usually come with an increase in salary. This career boost might result in you no longer needing a second job. You might be able to cover all your debts and still live comfortably. If you are not in debt, that means that you will have more money in your savings account.

Having benefits

Working for a company full-time can come with many benefits, usually including health, dental and vision insurance, which is something most part-time jobs do not provide. Furthermore, plenty of companies offer to match your 401(k). Other benefits include gym memberships, product discounts and stock purchase opportunities as well as a chance to improve your skills and knowledge. Not being focused enough when it comes to your primary source of income can cost you all these benefits which actually save you money and lower the need for a second job.

How Can You Improve Your Full Time Hustle?

Considering all the aforementioned reasons why your day job is your best side hustle, you can dedicate some time to perfecting your skills and making the most of them. There are plenty of ways how you can work on improving yourself and the chances of advancing your career.

Keep up with employee training

A lot of companies have their employees undergo training on a regular basis and this is something you should use to the fullest. You can acquire relevant skills that might help you get a promotion or a raise and the company is paying for it. This is also a great way to show your employers that you care about your job and that you want to improve. Whether they send you to IT seminars or want you to take part in team building exercises, you should show your willingness to work on yourself.

Invest in your education

If your bosses are not willing to pay for you to acquire the latest skills in the field, that shouldn’t stop you from expanding your knowledge. Look for online classes of all sorts or see whether your local college offers any courses to reach a new level in your career. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re an expert in a certain area, there is always room for improvement. For instance, even experienced advertising specialists take social media marketing courses to better understand current trends. With approximately 3.6 billion people using social networks, the potential for growth and continued learning in this area is enormous. Also, even if you might think you’re a social networking wiz, taking a course might help you realize how to be more efficient and effective at reaching an audience, a skillset that can be applied to a number of business-related exercises.

Diversify your skills

While becoming an expert in your field is a great way to advance, diversifying your skill set is also a fantastic approach to having more success. For example, try doing something that has no direct impact on your current job, like learning a new language or taking up a musical instrument. Plus, you never know when a skill could be useful, maybe understanding a foreign language will come in handy at your new position or helpful in communicating with clients outside of your normal sphere of operation.

Look for a mentor

To advance at your current job, you might want to consider getting a mentor. Look for someone experienced who is willing to work with you, give you advice and help you move up the career ladder. They’ve probably been through something similar and can provide you with a unique perspective and an outsider’s opinion on your current situation. You can turn to a former teacher or manager that you know will be able to assist you in this endeavor.

Improve your communication skills

Communication is essential if you want to be efficient and productive at work. For instance, you need to be able to actively listen as that will help you actually hear what people are telling you. Similarly, you need to work on your speaking skills in order to effectively get your message across. Last but not least, you need to learn how to write effective emails which your bosses and colleagues will read.

Downsides of a Side Hustle

These little things can be just what you need to advance at your current job. Having all the benefits of full-time employment as well as a higher salary and more time should be enough to convince you that your day job is what you should be focusing on.

Side hustles can be time consuming.  You need to decide whether or not time spend on a side hustle will lead to more money for you. In the long term, your time very well might be better spent on your full time job.

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Are side hustles worth it? Would you be better off financially if you just focused on your full time job?

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