Manage Your Finances

How Your Financial Health Can Impact Your Physical and Mental Health

How Can You Improve Your Financial Health? 

Take a deep breath. 

Learning about the connection between your financial, physical, and mental health isn’t meant to overwhelm or frighten you. The more you know about the connection, the more you can do to fight back against it. 

You might be wondering what you could possibly do to better your financial situation, especially if you’ve been struggling for a while. No, you don’t necessarily have to get a second or third job or sell your belongings. You probably don’t have to change much about your life at all. 

But, there are small things you can do to improve your financial health that can make a big difference. Try some of the following tips to get started: 

  • Establish a monthly budget
  • Pay off old debts using a method that works for you
  • Put items on “hold” to reduce overspending
  • Automate your savings
  • Build up an emergency fund
  • Check your credit score at least once a year

All of these tips should be customized to fit your needs and lifestyle. You might be surprised by how easy it is to change things right away. For example, when looking at your monthly budget, you might see things like subscription services or entertainment features that you rarely use. Getting rid of them is easy and can end up saving you a lot each month. Automating your savings is a great way to save money without having to think about it. 

Boosting your financial health is easier than you might think!

Once you feel like you’re in a good place with your financial wellness, you can go into “maintenance” mode. Things like refreshing your budget, looking through your bank accounts, and polishing up your credit score can be done annually. Doing so will constantly keep you in the know when it comes to your financial situation, so you can make smaller adjustments as needed. 

Being able to manage your finances and build up your financial health can do great things for your stress levels. As a result, your mental and physical health can improve, too. 

If you start to notice yourself experiencing health issues, don’t take it lightly. Clearly, you’re not alone if you’re struggling with debt or financial independence. But, don’t let your financial situation keep you from getting the mental or physical help you need from healthcare professionals. Whether you need counseling to treat a mental illness, rehab for substance abuse problems, or services like hba1C testing for diabetes care, schedule an appointment and get the assistance you need. 

Manage Your Finances

Mythbusting: What You Need to Know About Online Personal Loans

Do you need quick access to extra funds? Have you been considering a flexi loan? With so much information out there, it can be hard to know what’s true and what’s not. That’s why we’re here to bust the most popular myths about online personal loans! In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these financial products and how they can help your finances. So if you want to learn more, keep reading!

Manage Your Finances

How to Alter Your Money Mindset for the Better

In the last 3 years, we have seen a dramatic shift as to how money is earned, and also how much money is being spent. The term ‘money mindset’ has been well known amongst the richest people for some years, but it is only recently that people on a lesser financial scale have begun to work towards shifting their money mindsets, and ultimately creating greater wealth for themselves.

Manage Your Finances

How To Pick Yourself Back Up When You Have Hit Financial Rock Bottom

Financial rock bottom is not an uncommon experience. Statistics have shown that one in every 399 people entered insolvency in the UK in 2022. The pandemic is a huge contributing factor that led to many people making rash financial decisions, and more importantly, losing their jobs. Some of you may feel as though you have hit financial rock bottom, but there are a large majority of people who only realise the repercussions of their financial mistakes when it is too late. There is an abundance of support for people who are facing financial dismay, but accepting the position you are in is the first step toward finding a resolution.

Manage Your Finances

5 Things Your Financial Advisor Should Be Doing For Your Business

When you own and run a business, there are many things in which you should invest to ensure the smooth running of your business. From accountancy and book-keeping to marketing and web design, these things can all make your business more successful and profitable, but in order to implement these services, it’s best to have a financial advisor in place to advise you on these and help you reach any financial goals. 

Financial advisors know the market and industry inside out and have the experience in mapping out your business goals and how you can turn them into quantifiable results. But, when you are considering assigning a financial advisor to your business, knowing exactly what they can deliver for your business is vital in ensuring that your business not only succeeds, but so that you can learn things to help with your business management skills along the way. Let’s take a look at 5 things a financial advisor should offer to your business.