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9 Genuine Ways To Get Into A Wealthy Mindset

How many times have we scrolled down our timelines on Facebook just to see a celebrity pop up? Those rich people seem to have it all, don’t they? What are some ways to get into a wealthy mindset?

At times, it almost seems like they’re throwing their nice clothes, cars, and homes right in the faces of us simpler folk who have to struggle to make ends meet. Instead of loathing or envying these people, who says we can’t be wealthy like they are?

Why do we have to be an actor, model, athlete, or musical artist to be wealthy in our society? Although the media may tell us one thing, most of the world’s wealthy people themselves will tell us otherwise.

In fact, here are 9 genuine ways to get into a wealthy mindset so that we can be more successful and reach our full potential.

Stay Away From All The Fancy Technology

How many times have we heard that technology will destroy the human race? But that far-fetched idea is somewhat accurate in terms of our being healthy, wealthy, and wise.

The more time spent watching trash television and scrolling through other people’s business on social media, the farther we are from being active and healthy and the farther we are from getting the mindset to become wealthy and wise.

Rich people don’t get rich by wasting their time playing video games, watching television, or surfing the web.

Instead, they read books relating to their strengths, and they conduct research on ways to make more money. If we want to get a rich mindset, then we have to start doing things differently than the average person.

The average person spends many hours a day watching television and goofing off online. Let’s be better than that and limit ourselves to an hour.

Say Goodbye To Putting Things Off

If we want to get a wealthy mindset, we have to start prioritizing more. Procrastination is one of the worst ways that we can hold ourselves back from being great.

When we do things at the last minute, we usually do sloppy work and make mistakes. How can we expect people to want to pay us more money if we’re producing low-quality work?

I’ll answer that question for you: we can’t.

A wealthy mindset will make us put the most important things first if we’re really trying to chase a big paycheck.

Change Our Mindset To Be More Valuable To Others

If we truly want to have a wealthy mindset, then we must make ourselves more valuable to others.

Let’s take some time to invest in ourselves and sharpen our skills.

Learn some new tricks of the trade, and use the extra time that we now have (by not watching television and not playing on the computer) to learn some ways that we can educate ourselves.

The people who make the most money in a company are the most valuable to the company, and we definitely want to make sure that we position ourselves to be one of those people.

Changing our mindset to think about being valuable to others is the way to go.

Stop Spending More Money Than We Have

To get a wealthy mindset, we have to learn the value of the dollar. Sure, we must have lots of money to be considered rich. But rich people didn’t get rich by constantly spending their money.

They learned how to save and not spend more than they had. Besides cutting back on spending, we also should eliminate our get-rich-quick schticks like gambling, lotteries, and sweepstakes.

The odds of winning are nowhere near in our favor. Instead, we can put the money that we’d spend trying to get rich quickly into an investment account, an IRA, a bank account with decent interest, or even a new tool for business.

Don’t get caught up in the hype of the newest gadget or best-looking outfit. Fads will pass, but what won’t pass is that extra effort we’re making to change our mindset into a wealthy one that remembers these things.

Find A Rich Mentor With A Wealthy Mindset

Finding a mentor is essential to getting a wealthy mindset. Having someone who has already “been there and done that” on our team can help steer us in the right direction.

On top of that, a mentor may be able to save us from making some costly mistakes that could make getting rich a lot tougher.

Do Some Soul Searching To Find Your Niche

So often when people try to get a wealthy mindset, they try to dip into a bunch of different things at once. Although it may seem smart, it’s counterproductive.

Remember, rich people are all about quality and not quantity. That holds true for what we’re trying to get rich from, too.

When we find something that we’re good at, let’s just focus on making that thing great. While being well-rounded is also great, that isn’t the focus for trying to get a wealthy mindset.

The key is to be an expert in a certain area and not just a novice in several.

Set Goals, And Plan How To Achieve Them

It’s not enough to just talk the talk when trying to get a wealthy mindset; we have to walk the walk. We can’t just say we want something to happen and not make any plans to make it happen.

Make some specific plans as to how to reach those goals. Let’s hold ourselves accountable if we don’t do it within certain timeframes.

The more planned out our goals are, the more likely we are to actually go through with pursuing and achieving them.

Do As Much Networking As Possible

It’s not about what we know but who we know. The more networking we do, the more we can get our name out there to other professionals in our niche.

Also, some full-pocketed investors attend these networking events, so keep alert on opportunities to meet new people.

Remember That Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Everyone makes mistakes, and very few people are able to get a wealthy mindset and make it to the top in one try. Many famous people got knocked down at some point and did not achieve what they wanted to right away.

The important thing is that we never lose focus and always keep positive. If we’re determined to get a wealthy mindset and make more money, then we’ll achieve that goal. Don’t let anything or anyone tell us otherwise.


Getting a wealthy mindset and being successful is tough, but if you follow these genuine ways to get into a wealthy mindset, then you can achieve anything!

Wealth is achievable for all but it does require hard work and patience to get there. Most importantly, it requires getting into the right mindset so use these tips to get started.

By Mike

Michael is the owner of Savebly, a personal finance blog, dedicated to helping others to improve their finances and live life on their own terms.

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